Gourmet wild mushrooms

The Mushroomfinder is a specialist wild mushroom procurement agency and consultancy business based in the Highlands of Scotland with over 15 years' experience in sourcing commercially valuable gourmet wild mushrooms from all over the world.

During the summer and Autumn season the agency operates buying stations located in the heart of the UK's premier wild mushroom harvesting region in the north of Scotland. Our service includes buying directly from pickers, grading, packing and processing (drying) the local harvest for export or sale in the UK domestic market.

The crop is carefully harvested in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way as the wild mushroom harvest is seen locally as an important secondary forest product - adding value to indigenous birch forest helps prevent land use change and clearance for agriculture or commercial forestry.

Our consultancy service provides clients with an unrivalled knowledge of the seasonal availability of commercially important varieties worldwide.

This when combined with personal contacts to the most important local distribution companies results is a unique capability to directly purchase at source not only the highest quality and freshest mushrooms available, but also at the most advantageous prices.

At the same time we gather real time information from the different producing regions about variations in specific harvest qualities and volumes each season. This market knowledge allows for accurate prediction of future price movements in dried and frozen wild mushroom commodity prices.

We are therefore able to advise clients on optimising their purchasing strategy for preserved mushrooms months ahead of market price changes.

Our core business is providing a trusted, reliable and recognised wild mushroom consultancy service to Fine Food Catering, Food Service and Wholesale Distribution sectors.

Food safety is a critical part of the service we provide and our managed supply chain audit trails and HACCP compliance ensure traceability and provide the finest quality products meeting the highest food safety standards.

For all sales enquiries please contact our exclusive distributor - Ritter Courivaud Ltd

Fresh wild mushroom seasonal availability

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